Signature Brews

Buzz Light -  This Creamy Ale is made in the fashion of pre-prohibition lagers. It hits your taste buds with a crisp, highly-carbonated sensation that takes you to infinity and beyond. The Gentle Saaz hop aroma and bitterness, flaked maize and malt accompany a clean lager-like finish.


Wild Ride Wheat - The natural spiciness of American Red Wheat blends perfectly with spicy Saaz hops in the aroma and nose to create this American Wheat Beer. This all-American beer highlights wheat graininess with a faint malt sweetness and moderate hop bitterness. This ride will leave you with a crisp, sharp finish.


Nut Hugger - Nutty, toasty, biscuity, chocolatey, malty...all in remarkably smooth harmony. Our Northern English Brown Ale will hug your taste buds with very little hop aroma, medium bitterness, and a medium-dry finish.


Aces & Eights - While some may call it the ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ we think this Amber Lager will keep you in your chair. Similar to a Vienna Lager, Aces & Eights is a perfectly clean balance between fresh noble hops and mild caramel malt.


Sinner - Some call it sinful to be this good. This English Pale Ale is perfect harmony between 2-row malt and Simcoe hops. With more emphasis on the bittering hop than our SMaSHed with the same ingredients, this Pale Ale offers major drinkability.

Hop on Top-  This Double IPA will have you ready to Hop on Top from the get. With a fresh hoppy nose from a generous dose of Simcoe dry hops, followed by a huge malt backbone balanced by a high hop bitterness from Cascade and Centennial hops in the boil. The crisp taste it leaves on your tongue will have you asking for more.


Panty Dropper Porter- Our Baltic Porter will have you ready to drop your panties. A full bodied and smooth balance of black and brown toasted malts will tickle your taste buds as it slides down your throat. Faint notes of black licorice and a warming alcoholic presence will keep you warm without those panties.


SMaSHed- Much lighter-bodied than most APAs, our Single Malt, Single Hopped (SMaSH) American Pale Ale is extremely balanced and clean. Dry hopping lends a pronounced hoppy nose followed by both a fresh hop finish and a clean, medium malt aftertaste.


Naughty Redhead- Righteous hops and cherry aromas tell you this is not your ordinary red ale. A sexy complexion with sweet buttery malts and spicy hops make this exotic brew the perfect union of awesomeness in your mouth. 

Humpin' Pumpkin

       Lightly Spiced Pumpkin Ale  6.5%     32 

Hot Mama

       Chili Ale                                8.0%     43 

Lemon Grass 

       Blonde Ale                            5.3%     20

All Day Wood 

       Imperial Bourbon-Oak-Aged,

       Chocolate Milk Stout            9.0%    25 

Hot For Teacher

       PB&J Nut Brown                  5.5%    15 

Barley Wine

       High Hopped American Barley 9.6%  103 

The Mule       

     Hard Ginger Beer   9.8%        5 


     Spiced Black IPA    7.0%        40 

Dirty Talk       

     Doppelbock            7.3%        15

Orange Crush 

     Blood Orange Blonde  5.5%   17


     Baltic Porter             8.0%        25 

SNT Trippel     

    Belgian Trippel         7.0%        60 




Specialty Brews